How to Choose the Right Color Nail Polish Based on Your Skin Tone

Just like any beauty style, there are a few basic principles that have to be followed. Similarly, when picking out nail polish colors, there are certain things to take into consideration. Nail polish colors are meant to flatter, or at least complement the skin tone of the wearer. Here’s a simple guide to help you […]

Why Some Beauty Products Are A Waste Of Money

Every woman worthy of the name wants to look her best, and in fact most men do too. Looking good can cost a lot of money, though, and while some beauty products repay their investment several times over, others are a complete waste of money. Don’t be taken in by the hype surrounding these products. […]

Trendy Make-Up Tips For Oily Skin

Nobody wants to walk around with oil slick on their face. Women face a lot of problems with greasy skin when it comes to make-up. Make-up on oily skin generally melts off easily and fades away soon. The reason behind oily skin is the over-production of oil from the oil producing sebaceous glands. Our body […]